12 Holiday Horrors

For the people who can’t stand the merry holiday season, here is a list of twelve holiday horror movies to watch during the 12 Days of Christmas (which traditionally starts December 25).

Top 3 Modern Holiday Episodes Worth Watching

The holidays, Christmas, Chanukah, this most wonderful time of year, whatever you like to call it, has the capacity to bring us times of togetherness, reflection, and recalling fond memories. One of the simpler yet delightful traditions among many families is watching favorite holiday specials together. “Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and “A…

Last Holiday: A Minute by Minute Recap

Just when I thought I couldn’t find a fun, romantic, Hallmark-esque movie to watch this Christmas, I watched Last Holiday. With a tag-line like “She always thought she was somebody… and she was”, I knew I was in for a feel-good classic.

An Analysis of Holidays in Anime

Despite the number of Christmas-themed episodes in anime, Christmas in Japan is not as religious as in America. According to ReligionFacts, Christianity makes up a mere 2% of Japan’s overall religions with Shinto and Buddhism as the Rising Sun’s two main religions. Lacking the religious component, Christmas in Japan is more of a day for…

Star Wars: Too Many Fake-Outs to Make It Enjoyable

In a last minute decision to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi on opening night, I dawned my sequin Darth Vader shirt, stuffed my pockets with peanut M&Ms, and bought my $15 dollar ticket to relax in a large Lazy Boy in a tiny theater in Philadelphia.