Freaky Females: Ghostbusters and 13 Other Films that Pass the Bechdel Test

When I think of ghost-loving gals, the first film to come to mind is obviously the 2016 all-lady reboot of Ghostbusters, uniting some of my favorite figures in comedy and my favorite spooky storyline. Though it doesn’t replace the original, this Bechdel no brainer has quickly become one of my annual Halloween traditions. This retelling…

Anime vs. Oscars 2018

It’s that time of year again. The 90th Academy Awards—a night of opulence and glamour; it is a night dedicated to honoring the talent featured in the movies of 2017. … anime? What’s that? Every year, this seems to be the story for why the list of Animated Feature Film nominees almost never include Japanese…

9 Documentaries to Watch in Honor of Black History Month

Black History Month is a celebration but also a reminder that our history is more than just what is written in the textbooks. In the spirit of celebrating diversity and recognizing tragedy, I have compiled a short list of documentaries that honor the importance of political and social history of African-Americans in the United States….

How Extra Can Sports Anime Get?

With the Winter Olympics 2018 quickly approaching, the world will be waiting with baited breath to see records broken and history made. The Olympics are a time of superhuman feats and things that seem to defy reality. Or in the case of anime, “reality.” Sometimes sports anime can be rather liberal with its characters’ abilities….

12 Holiday Horrors

For the people who can’t stand the merry holiday season, here is a list of twelve holiday horror movies to watch during the 12 Days of Christmas (which traditionally starts December 25).

Top 5 English Dubbed Anime

Generally, when it comes to anime, fans tend to lean dubbed or subbed. Personally, I prefer the Japanese dubbed (with subs) since, c’mon. It’s from Japan made by Japanese people voice by Japanese people and often has concepts that are easier for Japanese people to understand and convey. However, there are a number of anime that…