9 Documentaries to Watch in Honor of Black History Month

Black History Month is a celebration but also a reminder that our history is more than just what is written in the textbooks. In the spirit of celebrating diversity and recognizing tragedy, I have compiled a short list of documentaries that honor the important in political and social history of African-Americans in the United States….

12 Holiday Horrors

For the people who can’t stand the merry holiday season, here is a list of twelve holiday horror movies to watch during the 12 Days of Christmas (which traditionally starts December 25).

Last Holiday: A Minute by Minute Recap

Just when I thought I couldn’t find a fun, romantic, Hallmark-esque movie to watch this Christmas, I watched Last Holiday. With a tag-line like “She always thought she was somebody… and she was”, I knew I was in for a feel-good classic.

Star Wars: Too Many Fake-Outs to Make It Enjoyable

In a last minute decision to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi on opening night, I dawned my sequin Darth Vader shirt, stuffed my pockets with peanut M&Ms, and bought my $15 dollar ticket to relax in a large Lazy Boy in a tiny theater in Philadelphia.

Self-aware Horror/Comedy: Netflix’s Little Evil Review

If you ever thought to yourself, “Golly, I wish I could watch The Little Rascals and The Omen at the same time…”, then Netflix’s new original movie Little Evil is the film for you. So this movie had a lot of mixed reviews, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to sway you either…

Bloody & Funny: Netflix’s The Babysitter Review

Join me for Day Three of our 13 Writes of Fright as I step away from doom and gloom to watch this gory Halloween comedy. Share this series using #13writesoffright! If Home Alone had a baby with When a Stranger Calls, and sent that kid away to comedy camp, you would get Netflix’s new original…