The Magicians Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Lost, Found, F*cked

Last week’s episode of The Magicians was as gory as ever, but it set the plot in motion, and kept me excited for this season.

Our problematic, yet lovable Dean Fogg went through a major change that left me confused throughout the episode, until the final moment where I understood exactly what Marina did to him.

Marina 23 (from the 23rd version of the timelines) goes through a lot of trouble to figure out the true identities of this random bunch in her stolen apartment. I kept wondering why, as Marina is not known for her kindness.

Sure enough, she confronts Fogg and gives him a taste of his own medicine. I couldn’t tell if his neurotic truth-telling was a side effect of the spell/potion or if he was trying to tie up every loose end before his memory was erased.

Either way — it was entertaining. I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of Fogg. I hope not, because he’s a great complicated character that adds a fun layer to the show. In the end, Marina calls Fogg “dad,” and that makes me think he’ll back to reckon with that in the future.

Of course, Margo gets lost in Filory, and that always means Filorian antics. Margo might be my favorite character, but her antics only go so far in this episode. This b-plotline serves as a “What’s Margo Up To,” while a bigger looming story approaches.

That plot was also my favorite part: Eliot’s demonic possession. Good news, it looks like next week’s episode will ONLY be demonic possession. A bottle episode with a demon? Bring it on!

Eliot and Q’s journey’s starts slowly. We saw in episode one that Eliot has carted Q around, expecting him to recall who he really is, to no avail. Eliot’s demon gets up to some no good with some arm breaking, arm repairing, ritual pig sacrifice, and straight up murder!

The murder of what would have been a god (but merely a proxy) was to find something the demon has lost. If you recall, the demon was trapped in a very secure prison before Eliot let it loose.

Meanwhile, Julia as Kim, takes Fogg’s words to heart and seeks a way to release the enchantment on herself and a group of people she’s never met. Reckless and in character! She succeeds, and it’s pretty funny to watch her throw herself at a swirling metal battery over and over.

The following scene, where our magicians transition from their pseudo-personas to themselves was amazing. The actors did a great job; it looked painful and confusing.

As soon as Q remembers his true identity, he tries to cast a spell (which looked very cool, and I’ve missed it!) but is unsuccessful. Eliot’s demon is happy to have Q back, but it also means that Q can try to negotiate with the monster, and it doesn’t work out at all.

Q says, “I miss my friends,” and sure enough the demon summons them all to Marina’s place where it plans to torture them all until it gets what it wants.

It remains to be seen if Alice is included in that group, or if the library has extra protection defending her from the demon. I think that must be the case because her identity was never altered, and the head librarian was determined to keep Fogg away from her.

I can’t wait for this week’s episode because Hale Appleman will finally stretch Eliot to a point we’ve never seen before. I’m just excited to see what he does with this situation!

What do you think will happen next week? Will any of our main squad die?

[Photo courtesy of Syfy].

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