The Magicians Season 4 Episode 1 Review: A Flock of Lost Birds

In this new age of streaming where I can watch an entire season in one weekend, it feels like years since the last episode of The Magicians. Despite a million other shows at my fingertips, I sure as hell still tuned in to watch this amazing show live. I hope you’re thankful Syfy, I know you need the ratings.

Like any traditional first episode back, “A Flock of Lost Birds” catches us up with our birds and where they’ve been all this time. It’s not a plot heavy episode, but it reminded me why I love these characters and actors so much.

When we last saw our scrappy group of magic saving miscreants they were separated, enchanted, and living entirely new lives. All except for Alice, of course. We catch up with all of them, and some are far more interesting than others.

There’s a nice bit of doubles swapping in and out for the characters we know and love. It’s fun to see how each of their personalities can work in a different vocation. Cady’s attitude lends itself to police work, Penny is a DJ…or a yogi, or both? Josh is a chauffeur, and Margo is just herself in a fashion company.

This new season has begun just after Syfy greenlit The Magicians season 5. Season 3 was just OK for me, but it didn’t leave me hanging off of my seat like the first two seasons. My biggest concern for season 4 is that it will feel staler than ever.

I’m glad that at the very least Cady, Margo, Penny and Josh are all reunited. I’m not interested in a season of them trying to reconnect with one another. However, I am loving the dramatic irony around that small group and Marina. I cannot wait for Marina to find out it’s Cady under that badge and red hair. Oooh the conflict that will ensue!

Alice’s situation is particularly similar to last year. She is isolated, emotionally distant, and I can’t be sure what her goals are. I would just like a season where Alice interacts with the group consistently and there is some growth overall. The Santa bit was charming, though. Of course, those little moments are what makes The Magicians such a fun show to watch. Look away, and you might miss an Easter egg the writers placed!

Julia is right back at Brakebills. You might recall that she was the only one of the group able to harness some power after magic was gone. Now she seems to be completely horrible at magic, all wile under Dean Fogg’s (seeing) eyes! Awkward.

The Library holds all of the cards in this new age of magic. This means the Library also monitors who Brakebills admits. Does this mean that Zelda does not know where our main group is? If she does know, why would she allow Fogg to oversee Julia again?

Lastly, Quentin and Eliot are up to no good, and I’m confused as hell about it. I know that the monster has possessed Eliot, and tracked down Quentin the last time we saw him. Buuuuut what’s up with Quentin just going along with the murders? And over jimmies? I understand the linguistic complexities between dialects might be taxing, but never so much that it leads to murder! Just let those Philadelphians live with their jimmies!

At the moment, I have no idea what is going on with Eliot and Q, but it could be fun to see what they get up to. Oh, and Ember is back, but he’s more like a living voicemail. I hope they tie up this loose end soon, he’s such a bit character that I can’t take much more of him.

Next week is sure to be entertaining because it looks like we’ll get a lot of Margo time, which is my favorite kind of episode! Oh I hope Margo gets her memories back before Eliot, an has to try to bring him back. That’s sure to pack an emotional punch, and I can’t wait!

[Photo courtesy of Syfy]

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