Comic Con 2018 Trailer Recap

Comic Con 2018 roared into San Diego like a giant nerdy hurricane over the weekend, leaving trailers and announcements in its wake. Here’s just a few of the big trailers from the convention:

            Aquaman and Shazam!

In the wake of Justice League’s failure, and Wonder Woman’s success, DC is moving ahead with two standalone films, Aquaman and Shazam!. I love Captain Marvel (or as he’s known now Shazam) and so I’m glad to see that this trailer nails the tone of a story where a kid is suddenly given the powers of a magical Superman. I had zero hype for Aquaman, but this trailer’s changed that. It’s bright, colorful, and action packed. Atlantis looks cool, and the designs of the villains Ocean Master and Black Manta look great. It looks like DC and Warner Brothers have taken great strides to change their films from grey amorphous blobular things into something that actually might be entertaining.


And with that said, here’s a grey, amorphous, blobular adaptation of the Teen Titans. Titans is DC’s first original show to debut on their new streaming service, DC Universe. Honestly I don’t think there’s a single good thing about this trailer. The production looks cheap, the dialogue is just awful, and none of the heart of the Teen Titans comics or animated show has survived the blob-ification process.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I’m not gonna lie, I love Godzilla. There’s something about seeing Big G stomping around on screen that just connects with me on a personal level. A major complaint of the 2014 movie is that the filmmakers showed a tremendous amount of restraint in limiting how much they showed Godzilla. King of the Monsters is going all out, bringing in long-time Godzilla frenemies Rodan and Mothra, and Godzilla’s archenemy, the three-headed space dragon King Ghidorah. Everything looks epic and I can’t wait.


I’m genuinely excited to see an M. Night Shyamalan movie in 2018. I think that’s all that really needs to be said.

Doctor Who

I’m not a huge Doctor Who fan, but this really brief trailer gives us a look at the new Doctor, her screwdriver, companions, and new adventures. The cinematography looks really on point too.

So those are the trailers that got me excited (or in the case of Titans, confused and sad) from Comic Con. There were a ton of stories and announcements over the weekend, what really jumped out at you?



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