Infinity War Countdown: Thor Ragnarok

Thor movie

“Thor: Ragnorak” was the MCU movie I had been waiting for since the first “Thor” came out. It brought all the elements of Thor the thunder god from Norse Mythology that was previously lacking; I realize this was based off more comic than myth (I know I’ll anger a few fans by saying this, but myth trumps comics in this instance…don’t hate me).

The movie’s beginning reveals Thor’s humorous side which starts out great because he’s a real stand-up guy, Ha. I like the narration too; it was a different approach. It was a way for Thor to take a little control of his story.

Thor came to destroy Sutur, the large devil-like guy at the beginning of the movie, to prevent Ragnorak, (the fall of Asgard). There are amazing fight scenes in this film with the best background music accompanying it; starting with the fight between Thor and Sutur. Seriously, it’s like watching mini theatrical trailers when the music matches just perfectly with the action.

After Thor defeats Sutur, he goes home to Asgard to present Sutur’s crown and finds his father putting on a play about Loki’s death scene in the previous Thor movie. Brilliant over-acting by Matt Damon portraying Loki, and Liam Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth’s real-life brother) portraying Thor. His father, Odin is Loki in disguise. He didn’t die after all! *HAPPY DANCE* that we have Tom Hiddleston back! Woot!


Loki had banished Odin to Earth, so the two brothers go there to find him; meeting Dr. Strange on the way. This is one of my favorite scenes. It is the first time you see these three on screen together, and I loved when Thor summons his hammer; destroying Strange’s belongings in the process. Strange ports the brothers to Norway, where Odin is waiting.  Right before he dies, Odin reveals they have a secret sister, Hela. She arrives, and goes all “Jerry Springer”. Thor and Loki refuse to work with Hela, so she attacks them and destroys Thor’s hammer with a single hand. This is one bad ass woman!

Hela goes badder

Loki panics and teleports to Asgard, accidently dragging Hela along. The three of them fight in the transport stream and end up on planet Sakaar. Sakaar is like a strange post-apocalyptic junk pile mixed with “The Hunger Games’” First District.

This planet is ruled by Caesar Flickerman… I mean The Grandmaster (pretty much the same thing), portrayed by Jeff Goldblum.


He sends Valkyrie to fetch people to fight in his colosseum games; she finds Thor in a junk pile while flying around in her ship. She tags him, marking him as her property. I think Valkyrie is a great character. She is a tough bounty hunter-esc fighter who has a dark depressing past. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Valkyrie was once a protector of Asgard, and is now the last of her kind, having the rest of her comrades defeated by Hela a long time ago.


When Thor is presented to The Grandmaster, he sees that Loki has become comfortable there in the week or so he was there before him; he has gained the trust of The Grandmaster.

At first, Thor is put into a cell with comedic relief character, Korg and his sidekick. I expected him to be on the lamer side, but I was surprised at how amusing I found him to be. After a brief conversation with Loki, Thor is put up against the Hulk in a fight to the death. He is overjoyed at first, until he realizes that the Hulk does not recognize him as a friend and decides to ~SMASH~ him instead. Just as Thor is about to go all lighting god on the Hulk, The Grandmaster ends the fight.

Thor devises an escape plan with Valkyrie, and the Hulk. They go back to the junk pile to find the ship where the Hulk had crash landed. There, Thor is able to reach the human inside the Hulk who withers back down to his Bruce Banner form. Loki decides to go his separate way, but ultimately ends up reuniting with them when it comes find to fight on Asgard. You know, he is good at heart.

Idris Elba makes an appearance as Heimdall (yay he wasn’t gone for good!) He gathers the surviving Asgardians and hides them away until their sanctuary is eventually discovered. Gotta love that Heimdall.


Loki has a lot of changes in this film. Like usual, he has moments of selfish trickster, and moments of redemptional hero. I have always loved that about his character, (Tom Hiddleston voice and charm put aside).

Valkyrie also experiences a change. She ends up rising out of her slump and aids Asgard once again as the protector she once was. Then there is Skurge; he changes the most.  He starts out as a coward who follows Hela as her executioner, once she takes over Asgard. He sides with her to save his own life instead of fighting her like the rest of the Asgardians. However, he starts to have doubts as he learns of her real history, and when she orders him to murder an innocent citizen. Even though it is a bit late in the movie, he does redeem himself and jumps out of the safety of a ship to protect his people; as he should have from the start.


During his fight with Hela, Thor loses his eye (like father like son); he goes through an “Avatar the Last Airbender” Avatar state. He accesses the spirit world in a sense, and sees Odin’s spirit who reveals to him that his power wasn’t in the hammer he lost, but that his hammer was a conduit for his real power.


When Thor embraces his abilities, he kicks real ass and becomes more of an adversary against Hela. I love the twist the ending has.  Throughout the movie, Thor thinks he is protecting Asgard, by preventing Ragnorak. However, to truly protect his planet, Thor needs to allow Ragnorak to happen.   The reason behind this, is that Hela gathers her strength from Asgard, and if they release Sutur and allow him to destroy it, then they can finally defeat her.


As our heroes escape in a spaceship, we get a beautiful view of Sutur stomping on Asgard. My favorite part about them leaving Asgard behind (or what’s left of it anyway), is that we learn that Asgard is the people and not the planet. Home is where the heart is, or in this sense, the people.

We get a happy ending with them flying off into space, Star Trek style…well Chris Hemsworth did play Kirk’s father, in the updated “Star Trek” movie (don’t think I would forget about that). Then they turn around and see the new villain in the MCU. I’ll just leave on that cliffhanger. Watch the next movie to find out more!

One last thought before I go.

May we remember Thor’s golden locks of hair that got chopped off. May it rest in pieces. (He still looks good though).

Thor long hair

(Photo Credit goes to IMDB)

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