Infinity War Countdown: Thor

With 18 movies and nearly six billion dollars to its name, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a cultural phenomenon. All of these films have been building to one thing: Avengers: Infinity War.In honor of this massive movie, we here at The Overthinkers are going to spend the next 15 days retracing the path from Iron Man to Infinity War in a feature we’re calling Infinity War Countdown.

I think that it is safe to say that Thor isn’t one of the most beloved films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After Thor Ragnarok, I heard a lot of people claiming that this film was what the Thor franchise should have always been.

However, I happen to really love Thor. It is probably my most-watched movie of the MCU. Maybe it’s because it’s often on TV, but I think it is mostly because Thor is a simple and fun movie. Which is exactly what it needs to be.

Thor serves quite a few purposes within the larger MCU universe. It’s Marvel’s first array into a more science-fiction based world. This is the first time that we venture outside Earth, and this is setting the stage for many more movies to come. This expanded universe, with its various “realms” is going to be essential for for Infinity War.

However, at its core, Thor’s true purpose is an origin story. Yes, it introduces us to Asgard, but more importantly, it introduces us to Thor, Loki and the other important characters. 

It’s a very classic, straight-forward origin story and a coming of age tale. Thor goes from boy to man, and learns how to care for more than just his own glory. Loki has the opposite arc, becoming the true villain that he is in Avengers.

As a film, Thor certainly has its flaws. The writing is not always strong. Some of its funniest moments are not moments that I’m not sure were intended to be funny. Maybe it is just me, but I find much of Odin’s yelling and Thor’s anger to be hilarious.

This is one of the biggest differences between Thor and Thor Ragnarok. Thor takes itself much more seriously, with much of it’s humor unintentional. They are two very different films, but I don’t think a movie like Ragnarok, which often seems like a parody of itself, would have worked for Thor. Before we can have so much fun with these characters, we need to get to know who they are. This is exactly what Thor does, albeit in a simple, straightforward way.

Thor does have its strong moments as well. The visuals are stunning, especially those of Asgard and those during the fight sequence between Thor and Loki. There are also some great (and intentional) comedic moments as well. The “Another!” scene in the diner is a classic, along with the moment Thor’s Asgardian friends show up on Earth. The casting is also fantastic. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are perfect for their roles, and play off of each other so well. The cast brings a lot to their characters, sometimes making up for a lack of high-quality writing.

Overall, I think the reason that I like Thor is because it’s not a complicated movie. It’s plot is straightforward. It has a lot of funny moments, even if some of these movements may not have been intentional. It’s visually pleasing, well acted and has some great action sequences. It’s the perfect movie for a sick day or when you want something entertaining but a bit mindless. Is it a must-rewatch before Infinity War? Probably not. However, for me, it will be a movie that I will continue to watch and continue to enjoy.

[Photo courtesy of Moviepedia, IMDB]

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