The Magicians Episode 308 Review: Six Short Stories About Magic


We have it on record that I said this week’s Magicians episode would be great, right? Good. I was spot on with that prediction, because “Six Short Stories About Magic” took me back to why I love this show so much.

Not only did this episode break up the storylines in an interesting way, it also brought something new to the table: about ten minutes of completely silent scenes because Harriet is deaf. That chapter may have been my favorite even if the content wasn’t the most captivating, the lack of sound forces you to pay attention. You can’t look at your phone and listen or change to another tab, you must actively watch during Harriet’s section. Brilliant, and sad. Are Victoria and Harriet dead now? I guess we’ll see next week when the group realizes the bridge is broken.

I liked that Penny was the throughway in “Six Short Stories About Magic,” because no one disrupts a quest like him. What was up with scary-old-not-Alice? I hope we learn more about her in the rest of this season. I also just realized that we never find out what happens to Alice. I wonder if she will be in trouble for associating with Q, Poppy, and Katie.

I’m disappointed that Sylvia turned Penny in, especially because it seemed like everything was going to work out. I did not expect to see Sylvia again, but maybe she will play a bigger role in this season. On a happier note, Benedict might have a wonderful purpose in the underworld, so that makes me happy. Poor guy.

You know that my favorite part of any Magicians episode is Elliot and Margo and we only got a few lines from Eliot this week! Heartbreaking, really. I’m sure we’ll see what the Filorian trial looks like next week.

I didn’t care for Poppy’s storyline because it felt pointless, and I just can’t care about her character at all. I hope they do something more with her because she’s just not entertaining now.

Fen has a very interesting story this week back on Earth. She’s the reason we learn that this magic dust is actually ground up fairies! Turns out Irene has kept fairy slaves on Earth and amputates and eventually kills them to keep her magic. This was horrifying, and a nice twist on how we view the fairies overall. I’m interested to see if Fen can put aside her hatred for the race to save the slaves.

Of course, we learn that the way the librarians keep their magic is through the same powder. Maybe it doesn’t have the same source, but it must be made the same way. If there was ever a reason to bring magic back, I’d say this is a good one.

My hope for next week is that Julia tells everyone what the powder is made of and it drives Q to finish this quest for the keys faster. I also want Eliot and Margo to be okay, but we can’t have everything, right? Til next week, when their fate is decided!

[Photo courtesy of Syfy]

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