The Magicians Episode 304 Review: Be the Penny

This week’s episode of The Magicians featured everyone’s favorite character, Penny! I’m so happy with how “Be the Penny” was structured, after last week’s choppy episode. It was a nice way to put a through-way in the episode without jumping around unreasonably.

During Penny’s It’s-a-Wonderful-Lifeing he discovered that people weren’t surprised he was dead, and the Library was still after him. This episode also featured Katie poorly coping with the loss of Penny.

We got another glimpse of the weird “prophecies” Julia has received because of Katie’s overdose. I suspect it is fairies again, because we saw them in the McAllister house. I bet they can benefit from collecting all of the keys and want to make sure our group finds them in time for something.

I did enjoy the new character, Hyman. The Magicians is no stranger to fandom, and it was fun to see a character looking in from the outside. I especially loved the line about finding Quentin the most relatable character. In any case, he wasn’t very helpful, but I will never turn down an opportunity to see Penny put someone in their place. I just love it when Penny yells at people.

I was a little confused with Elliot’s storyline this week. I guess because Elliot and his family escaped the boat via the magical key door and we jumped right to the fountains. I needed a little more of a lead in than that, but it all made sense in the end.

Also, I have to say that Quentin’s character seems to be directionless at this point. He mentioned the quest again, but when are we going to get a real motivation for Q this season? He and Alice are in such a limbo in terms of their entire relationship and I just want the writers to pick a direction and to go with it. Alice’s comment about not wanting magic back seemed out of no where as well. Seems like the old Alice and not post-niffen Alice.

The best scene of this week goes to Margo – I mean the Margolum and oh boy it was very funny. Penny possesses Margo’s clone and it doesn’t go very well. I don’t know if I’ve laughed harder during The Magicians than that scene. Summer Bishil really steals the show every week.

The final scene was great, too. I loved the Elliot and Quentin hug, and better yet how much Elliot has changed. I don’t fully understand how he got back to Earth but we know that the fairies are on Earth, too so there is no escaping them. I cannot wait to see how they help Penny now that they can use the key to see him. What are they going to do now that he doesn’t have a body? Can it just be next week already?

[Photo courtesy of Syfy]

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