The Magicians Episode 302 Review: Heroes and Morons

This week’s episode of The Magicians had two major storylines and while I found them entertaining, I was fairly annoyed at the one set on Earth.

First, let me say that The Magicians has always been a very self-aware show, and I’m surprised that Quentin didn’t make a witty observation about the overall plot.

Quentin, Julia, Katie, and Josh trekked around New York City searching for Mayakovsky’s magical batteries. You might remember that Mayakovsky is an extreme womanizer and both of the women we’ve met previously make an appearance. One a drunken mess, manipulating Q’s group, and lying about turning her new husband into a bear. The other using the magic to bring joy into the world, only to attempt jumping off a building later.

I have two issues: how in the world did all of this happen in one day? There’s no way rumors spread that quickly, even for magicians and hedges. The next, why did this whole issue have to be about a man? I will have a major issue with The Magicians and Syfy if the majority of this season follows women fighting over or about men. Let’s get a more interesting plot, please! Maybe one where Julia gets to be the badass we all know she can be.

In any case, the Filory section of “Heroes and Morons” was excellent, as always. While it introduced a fun cliché with Fray, Fen and Elliot’s supposed aged-up child, I did not get bored of it. I especially loved Margo and Elliot’s discussion of the cliché. Also, Margo’s goodbye to Elliot was sweet and believable. I love this pair!

The side quest to get the key from the priest was nice. It’s great to see Elliot in a powerful position, especially as a parent with Fen. Even if Fray turns out to be a fairy imposter, I am going to enjoy the experimental parenthood the writers cook up for Elliot and Fen.

Overall, I thought the pacing of “Heroes and Morons” was great, and I liked that we got a taste of what Katie and Alice are up to. When Alice’s cat exploded my draw dropped. Who knew cats were magic equivalents to canaries in coalmines. I am extremely interested to have regular Penny back, because who doesn’t miss that guy? I’m going to call it right now – Penny will die for a few minutes, just enough to get him out of the Library contract, and come back a new man!

Before I go, what’s up with Quentin? First of all, that boy should not walk around alone at night, especially without magic. Second, I guess his cacodemons is back and defending him. Last I recall, Alice was in place of that demon and had some control over him until he banished her. What does this mean for Quentin? Does Alice still have some control over Q? Has some of Alice horcruxed into Q? I hope we get into this in a serious way next week. You can’t just give me a hint of that and take it away, Syfy!

Until next week, will Katie save or accidentally kill Penny?

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