Shameless Season 8 Episode 10 Review: The Church of Gay Jesus

I really loved this week’s episode of Shameless. It built up so many areas of the show in ways I didn’t expect. “The Church of Gay Jesus” also felt like a movie, but I can’t place why. Maybe it was how Fiona’s relationship with Ford progressed, or the way Kassidy manipulated Carl. I thought the direction was spot on this week, so let’s get into it.

We got a major heartbreak for Lip this week, and I enjoyed White’s performance as he realized that to Youens, Lip wasn’t special. Youens had been a mentor to numerous students and an absent father to his own daughter, Tabitha. That scene where Lip walked into the bike shop and threw things in a rage was amazing. Lip has been dealing with Brad’s relapse, Youens’ case and now his sudden death. I loved how it was announced, too. Matter of fact, without ceremony. That’s it. I think this is one of the most poignant scenes in this season of Shameless and I can’t help but wonder how it will change Lip.

Something I still dislike about this season is Carl and Kassidy. It’s occurred to me that the audience isn’t supposed to like Kassidy either. Something that I don’t understand is how Carl can be this dumb. We’ve seen him in relationships before and he is responsible for his own education, but now he’s blind to how manipulative this new girl is? Well, now they’re married, and I’m sure that won’t go well. The only question is will they get divorced this season or next?

I want to take a moment to acknowledge that Frank seems to be functioning normally and possibly without drugs as he claimed he would. What in the world? I can’t believe it.

Fiona also embarked on possibly one of the most misled charity cases ever. Maybe this was the week of dumb Gallaghers, because how did she not see this coming? Just like she said, she’s been poor and taken advantage of a situation before, so why wouldn’t this homeless family? Something is up with this family, too. How did they get the money to even file a lawsuit against Fiona?

One victory for Fiona was Ford! Yay! I really loved the slow burn between them, and it’s nice to hear that he asked around about her. The tables have turned for Fiona, and I’m loving it.

Speaking of relationships, poor Lana! Why are Kev and V trying to marry her off? This whole plotline is weird and unnecessary. Unless of course it means she does find someone and get back at them for it. That I would be excited to see.

Finally, Ian has a cult of people following him. I am so nervous about this. Frank is profiting, Trevor and Fiona are worried, and Ian seems to think he has to show up. I keep expecting something to go wrong, and I’m sure it will. I just don’t like that Ian is taking time away from his real and stable life to talk to groups of people who clearly already have more experienced leaders. However, it was cool to see how life goes on without Fiona and how surprised she was at the turn out.

“The Church of Gay Jesus” was a solid and entertaining episode. I believe there are only three episodes left in season eight. What do you think will settle before the season is done? I hope that Carl gets divorced before the finale, I don’t think I can stand much more Kassidy.

[Photo Credit: IMDB]

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