The Magicians’ Season 3 Stella Maeve and Jason Ralph Interview

In anticipation of The Magicians season three, I’ve compiled a few fun moments from an interview I was lucky to have with Stella Maeve and Jason Ralph at San Diego Comic Con last year. Below each video is a transcription for those who cannot hear the video/would prefer to read the interview.

Q: Julia had a hard time in season two. What’s something positive you hope happens to her in season three? 

S: I would love for her to finally become a demigod. Goddess. You know? It would be so nice to see her, like, in that element.
J: Well, we know that that’s kind of like, where it’s headed, too. But — oh, in the books that’s where it’s — yeah, where it leads.
S: Right.
J: So, when we pick up on that, who knows but —
S: But it would be nice — I mean with the tree,  you know and the ah, I like trees.  Anyway. We’ll know when —
J: Yes, when and how.
S: When and how.

Q: Can you give us a teaser of what to expect of Julia and Quentin’s relationship in season three? 

S: Well, we’re — we’re at the start of this season we’re together. We’ve been together for at these two episodes that we’ve been shooting right now. So it’s kind of exciting to start off the season together, ’cause normally we’re separated the whole time.
J: Yeah, actually we have um, common interests uh, this season. Which is something I think we’ve kinda been at odds a lot of the time. At least what we were — at least at different times we both wanted different things. But we’re both pursuing the same goal, which is exciting. Um, and nice to like, work together. Also, I — like really like working with Stella like, as an actor. And we kinda got to establish the series and the pilot together, was some of the first stuff we shot. So it’s just nice to get back to basics in that way.
S: Yeah, kind of feels authentic. We became friends, and then we were separated for two years, we didn’t get to really work together, and now w’ere like, back together again as friends and as Quentin and Julia. It’s just really nice to explore that.

Q: What can you tell us about Quentin’s future in season three? 

J: I feel like in the second season Quentin learned a lot about who he is and what he wants, and shed a lot of that like, weird adolescence stuff in this series of mournings he had to do for Alice. And in his pursual of her and for her, um I think that has become addicting — the idea of a journey and like, moving forward, and forward momentum. And there’s fear in sitting still because then you’re forced to self reflect. And so I think a lot of this season is about him just forging forward with like — because it would be terrifying to look backwards.

Q: Do you ever have funny moments with green screens on set? 

J: The only green screen that we did last season was the dragon.
S: That was — we were both SO sick.
J: And it literally was like, acting to an X on a wall.
S: We both had the flu. So we were like sleeping —
J: I — we all had the flu. And I was like, high on dayquil just like, trying to get through it.
S: We couldn’t.
J: And Olivia just happened to be there that day.
S: She was the voice of the dragon.
J: And she read the voice of the dragon for us — it’s not how it ended up being in the show. But it was really helpful for us ’cause we were just dying, just hanging on by a thread. So, anything we could get that just felt normal was useful.
S: It’s true.

BONUS: What Pokemon Go team is Jason Ralph on? 

Thanks to Syfy for giving me the opportunity to chat with the cast of The Magicians at San Diego Comic Con 2017.

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