Shameless Season 8 Episode 6 Review: “Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him”

Shameless took an interesting directional turn in last night’s episode, “Icarus Fell and Rusty Ate Him.” Perhaps it was just me, but the episode felt more like a movie than any other episode so far. Debbie had a 24 style count down clock, Lip went on a wild goose chase, and Fiona had a sad epiphany.

The last two episodes have felt very average to me and so I didn’t write a review for either. I now realize that I have to hold Shameless accountable for these boring episodes. This week’s was not boring, but not over the top like I’ve come to expect.

I really enjoyed Fiona’s discovery of the dead Mrs. Cardinal and her ravenous dog. It was nice to see Fiona consider how her actions might effect her future relationships. This storyline came out of left field in relation to the rest of the season, but it’s clear that the feud between Fiona and Ian will last a while. However, I am concerned that the homeless shelter will send Ian into some sort of spiral, and I’m not looking forward to that.

Carl’s bit with the fake Uber car is a lot of fun, and the junkie basement rehab center was a strange turn for him, but it was funny so I guess Shameless will keep up with it.

I could not decide whether I liked Kev’s story this week. While it was entertaining to see him explore his sexuality (especially Ian’s reaction to it), it felt a little cheesy and something the show could have addressed seasons ago. It was nice to see V’s revelation regarding Svetlana, and I felt that the explanation was justified.

Once again, Lip steals the show with his heartbreaking recovery story. This week was particularly hard because he was searching for Brad on his bender across town. While it had its funny moments, the quest was largely miserable because Lip had to come to terms with seeing himself in his sponsor and asking “How am I supposed to make it if Brad can’t?” I loved that the professor, who recently got out of a bender of his own reminded Lip that “His sobriety is not your own.” Sobriety is difficult for Lip, but I think it hurts him more to see his friends suffer and refuse his help.

Debbie’s saga with the morning after pill was ridiculous, but it was nice to see that her friends have her back. I got a strange feeling that there might be a Debbie spin-off in the works, but I wouldn’t watch it if the episodes were like this weeks. Debbie is just too much for a one woman show. Right now, Debbie’s stories have been all over the place and I hope they find a direction to take her before the season’s end.

I think I’ve been waiting for an episode of Shameless to top digging up Monica and it just isn’t going to happen. I am a little disappointed that they put the craziest thing so early in the season. What else can happen this season that will bring me more closure than the exhumation of a horrible mother? Absolutely nothing.

‘Til next week, where Fiona and Ian might finally battle it out to the death. But probably not.

[Photo Credit: Showtime]

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