Shameless Season 8 Episode 2 Review: Where’s My Meth?

Last night’s episode of Shameless was a set up for next week. I’m not always excited about this type of episode, but there were two plot points that made the episode interesting.

The lulls of “Where’s My Meth?” were with Fiona and her attempt to be a nice landlady. Doesn’t she know she’s dealing with her people? Hasn’t she avoided rent over the years? I don’t know if I believe that our Fiona wouldn’t be hard on her tenants. In any case, we got more interaction with Nessa, who I like a lot.

Kev’s struggle with breast cancer was interesting, and I’m glad he’s OK, but I can’t help but wonder what else is in store for him this season.

Ian’s subplot where he is missing Monica is nice, but I suspect it will be part of a larger arc this season. The scenes at the gay bar with Trevor were weird, and I don’t like seeing Ian doing things he wouldn’t normally just to spend time with Trevor. Spend time away from your ex! Do not pine after them while they are still spending time with you. When will Ian learn?

I liked Liam’s story this week, too. This was a great example of the outside looking in. We always see Chicago from the Gallagher’s POV, and occasionally see the nicer side whenever Fiona gets a fancy gig. For the first time, Liam gets to see how the other half lives. It was nice that his friend wasn’t snobby about Liam’s  house, but I’m afraid he won’t have any friends because of his situation. All it takes is one mean kid to say something to his class. I am really loving where they are taking Liam so far, and I can’t wait for more.

Lip’s plot was by far my favorite this week. I did not think he was going to go into Charlie’s apartment to get rid of the drugs. I thought maybe he would put it in a drink or something to get him addicted again. I guess I don’t know Lip anymore. Even better, Charlie thinks he’s trying to help him out. I kind of love it. Lip is in such a bad place and sabotaging Charlie, who’s trying hard to stay clean. Classic Frank move, if you ask me.

Finally, Frank, oh Frank. How long will this last? How long can he blame Monica for his belligerent ways? He does seem to be a good employee, and we know that he is a smart guy (no matter how much I hate to admit it). Wouldn’t it be funny if William H. Macy’s exit from the show was like Joan Cusack’s? Just riding off into the sunset, with a new life. In a way, I desperately want Frank to turn a new leaf and stick with it. I’m tired of the same old story with Frank.

Next week seems promising, because the Gallagher’s have to dig up Monica to get the rest of the meth. Maybe physically digging her up will revert Frank back to his old ways? Or provide Ian with real nasty closure.

[Photo Credit: Showtime]

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