Shameless Season 8 Episode 1 Review: We Become What We…Frank!

A friend who recently binged all seven seasons of Shameless remarked that the last season wraps things up nicely, so what will they do in season eight? This is an excellent question, and after rewatching the end of season seven and the season eight premiere, I have the answer.

Season eight of Shameless is going to explore the Gallaghers in their toughest spot yet. Fiona has newfound responsibility; Liam is going to an elite school; Carl, Ian, and Debbie, have taken on additional responsibility in work; Lip is battling addiction on a minute by minute basis; and V and Kev have a battle with Svetlana to win. How will the Gallaghers manage to keep their seemingly normal lives this season?

I don’t think they will, to be honest. I hate to say it, but someone in this family is bound to fail. The season eight premiere sets it all up nicely, and there were several things I am excited about in this upcoming season.

After seven seasons, Liam finally has a storyline! What a sad story, though. I am really interested in how Liam takes on this challenge at school. The school uses him during tours to pretend there is more diversity in the student body. I feel bad for him. Not only is it a waste of time, he is losing class time, which he doesn’t seem to hate. He could be the smartest Gallagher, but we may never know.

Ian and Lip are dealing with the same problem: unrequited love. They both messed up a good thing, and are now struggling to get it back. Unfortunately, I don’t think either one of them will get what they want this season.

Debbie seems like she is taking on the world at the beginning of this episode, but when she drops off the baby with Neil it’s clear she’s losing it. Debbie is determined as ever, sure, but I think her motivation is misplaced. It was fun to watch her tell that rude driver off in the parking garage. Excellent scene.

V finds a better solution to killing Lana that does not involve jail time for her, but for Lana herself! An interesting thread of this season will be the presence of the department of immigration. It’s clear that they are lurking around town, and V recruits them to raid the former Alibi.

I’m excited to see the commentary Shameless will provide on several political issues this season. It has covered gentrification for a few seasons now, so I cannot wait to see how it takes on immigration. Carl also alludes to the current presidential administration in the end clip, so I am curious to see how the writers integrate our reality and the world of Shameless.

Finally, Fiona has a great time renting a room in her apartment building, and meets one of her tenants. This interaction will be a new adventure for Fiona. I predict that Shameless may venture into exploring Fiona’s sexuality this season. She has always been very straight, but I wonder if this new character has triggered some curiosity for Fiona.

So, the answer to the question is season eight of Shameless promises to take your favorite characters and mess up their lives again and again. I predict that V will be the only one who remains on the same path and gets what she wants. Good luck to the rest of them!

[Photo credit: Showtime]

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