4 Highlights and 3 Low Points of Rick and Morty Season 3

If you’re a SciFi fan, or just someone who stays up late perusing the wilderness of late night television, chances are you’ve heard of the Adult Swim mega hit Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty follows a super scientist grandfather and his less than intelligent grandson as they wreak havoc across the galaxy and multiple universes. Seasons one and two hooked a loyal fan base, many of whom waited eagerly for season three’s release date. Now that the full season has aired, it’s time to reflect on what the creative team knocked out of the park, and what areas may have fallen a little short.

The Highlights:

rick and morty saucy

Things get saucy: If you haven’t heard by now, Season 3 Episode 1 of Rick and Morty sent fans on a wild goose chase for the ghost of fast foods past. While on a journey through Rick’s subconscious, Rick discloses that one of his favorite things to have existed is the limited edition McDonald’s Mulan Schezuan Sauce- a promotional sauce created to the films 1998 theatrical release and later discontinued. Rick spends the last minute of the episode ranting and raving about the sauce to a stunned Morty, insisting that the sauce is his “series arc”. Fans of the show took Rick’s battle to the top, demanding that McDonald’s re-release the sauce; and against all odds McDonald’s complied! Whether you’re hunting for a taste of Mulan Schezuan Sauce yourself, or simply want to enjoy some good old fashion irreverent humor, the Schezuan Sauce Scenes are a can’t miss.

The clever saga of pickle rick:  How do you get out of family commitments? For Rick Sanchez, the answer lies in wacky science, post-apocalyptic revelations, and serious carnage. Pickle Rick is a somewhat heavy episode, with a creative answer to how far Rick will go to avoid family therapy.

rick and morty pickle rick

A Deeper understanding of Beth and Rick: This season treats viewers to a few opportunities to look deeper at the history and current standing of Rick and Beth as father and daughter. We see a brief moment of genuine emotion for Rick as he explains to Jerry just how much he lost when Beth got pregnant, and how much Beth may have lost too. We also get a front row seat to some of Beth’s (perhaps psychotic) childhood memories, and look closer at what motivated her as a mother, daughter, wife, and individual. Season three paints a steady picture of Rick and Beth’s similarities, for better or worse.

More fun SciFi tropes:  How would the Avengers fare against the smartest man in the universe? If the Vindicators are any indication- not well. Season three has brought some great Sci-Fi tropes into the Rick and Morty mythos from what really makes superheroes tick to how a futuristic dystopian society can do wonders for stress relief.

rick and morty vindicators

Low Points:

The abrupt shift at the end of the season – Season 3 started off by making it look as though the Smith family, and Morty’s world, had changed dramatically, and that we’d be getting a new and more complex family dynamic going forward. For a portion of season 3 this was true, however, within the last two episodes we see *Beth reunite with Jerry and bring the family back to its original standing. The change felt rushed and a little disappointing, especially after a season of exploring Beth and Jerry as individuals.

*This is probably Beth, but also possibly a clone of Beth. We don’t know. We may never know. Don’t think about it.

No interdimensional cable – Season three skips a fan favorite: the interdimensional cable episode. Seasons one and two blessed fans with an ad-libbed and completely ridiculous journey through the television shows that might exist in other dimensions. Season three chose to replace this episode with Morty’s Mind Blowers, which was good, but it’s no Two Brothers.

Rest and Ricklaxation– On a completely personal level, this episode just didn’t do it for me. The premise itself was slightly lacking. Rick and Morty are stressed out after an adventure and decide to go to a spa. Off the bat, it seems a little odd that this adventure is the thing that pushes Rick to the breaking point. We’re talking about a man who has destroyed literal universes, and the adventure that cracks him just doesn’t seem like anything special. Later in the episode, we get these “toxic” versions of Rick and Morty, which are very clear-cut with Rick, however, the personality traits between toxic Morty and Clean Morty get a little confusing. To top it off this was an episode I found to be just plain boring. I’d take another Morty’s Mind Blowers.

rick and morty toxic

Overall, Rick and Morty Season Three was worth the watch, and worth the wait. Hopefully season Four will bring back Interdimensional  Cable, dig deeper into the individual characters, and perhaps not leave us hanging for so long between seasons (please? Pretty please?) If you haven’t binged the show already, definitely make time to check it out.

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