Black Clover Episode 1 Review: Cliché, Unoriginal, Forgettable

black clover

Every fall, winter, spring, and summer brings in a fresh wave of TV shows, whether it’s in the form of American TV, Korean dramas, or anime.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell if a show is going to be a hit or miss. Sometimes a show looks exactly like that other coming-of-age story you saw last year.

When I saw Black Clover, I was intrigued. The art style was appealing, and the premise—while overdone—has succeeded in the past. So I gave it a chance.

Simply put, just like a three-leaf clover, Black Clover is nothing special.

Black Clover seems more like an amalgamation of unique ideas from other anime that were all combined into one. However, the mishmash of ideas makes for a very unfocused, cheesy, and boring show.

Black Clover seems to rely too much on old tropes that don’t do anything to add to the story. Especially in comparison to other series that were unique, innovative, and used tropes in an interesting way, Black Clover falls very short.

Here is a list of tropes Black Clover used that other series have executed more effectively:

  • Polar opposite best friends
  • Bizarrely young and attractive members of the church
  • Crazy off-his-rocker villain
  • Cliché villain to provide exposition
  • I don’t care if everyone is mean to me; I’m going to be the [leader of nation] through willpower and this secret power I just discovered

Despite only having seen one episode of this series, I am a firm believer in a good hook. Nothing about Black Clover drew me in and kept me there. Lazy writing, poor characterization, and clichés out the wazoo.

Episode 1 of Black Clover was a complete fail, and I will be more than happy to leave it by the wayside in favor of more memorable anime.

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