Game of Thrones SPOILERS from Season 7 Episode 6 “Beyond the Wall”


If you’ve gotten the chance to watch Game of Thrones‘ leaked season 7 episode, “Beyond the Wall” then none of this will come as a surprise to you. I wanted to quickly go over which three things I think everyone will talk about the most. So, here we go!

  1. Arya is not pulling any punches…or is she? Everything between Sansa and Arya in “Beyond the Wall” was fishy, in my opinion. I know that Arya has transformed and is a much colder person on the outside, but I felt that she gave off an even stranger vibe this week. These harsh conversations about the men with no faces made me question how much Little Finger knew, and how he manipulated the two sisters. I know fans really love Arya, I mean, she kicks ass! But up against Sansa, I have to say she’s creeping me out. I hope we learn that Little Finger hired a man with no face to be Arya. Maybe that’s not how that works, but I want these girls to be on good terms for once.
  2. Smol dragon, sad dragon, big ball of scales. Fiery dragon, falling dragon, whoops, that was a fail! I’m not sure which of Dany’s children she lost this week, but man, it was brutal. I think the writers did a nice job of creating a situation where Jon and Dany would mutually decide to commit to one another. It was also nice to see how powerful the Night King has become. I especially enjoyed The Walking Dead crossover in this episode. Just when you thought you stopped watching that AMC hit in season two, Game of Thrones catches you right back up! Where’s Rick Grimes, y’all? In any case, Dany is in for far more emotional trauma when she learns that her beloved child is back from the dead.
  3. That scene with the un-dead polar bear was awesome! I love, love, love the budget for this season! The effects are absolutely insane. I also loved that this mission brought many power houses into the same battle. It’s fun to see characters that we’ve known for such a long time interact with one another. Oh, and who could forget our Everlasting-Jon-Snow?

I wonder if D&D will ever kill Jon for good. What do you think? Will Jon Snow meet his demise before he gets together with Dany?

Photo courtesy of HBO

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