Jon Snow and Drogon the Dragon, and Other Amazing Dragons

Last night’s Game of Thrones was full of strategy, deception, and dragon petting? Well, it was amazing, and fans can speculate on the meaning behind Jon and Drogon all they want. But I want to talk about the other amazing dragons in TV, movies, and even musicals.

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks

How to Train Your Dragon

This film, though animated, does an excellent job of telling the misfit story. Somehow through Vikings and dragons, we can all relate to Hiccup’s struggle to fit in. Hiccup is far better suited in our world, but he makes the most of it.

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks

Toothless is a great dragon. I think we all started thinking of cats as tiny versions of Toothless after those movies. How to Train Your Dragon is a fun fantasy movie with great dragons all around.

Photo courtesy of Dreamworks

Game of Thrones

Dany’s dragons have been kick ass this season of Game of Thrones. Whomever gave the CGI department a bigger budget this year needs a raise. What a great decision.

Photo courtesy of HBO, .gif courtesy of

I especially loved the close-up shot in the most recent episode “Eastwatch,” where Jon gets close with his dragon brethren.

Photo courtesy of HBO, .gif courtesy of

Dany’s scaly children are not soft and cuddly like Toothless, but she loves them all the same. I love it. The previous seasons of Game of Thrones should have had less nudity and more dragons, right?

Photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli

Spirited Away

Haku is an amazing dragon! He’s also so unlike every other dragon I’ve encountered in movies and TV. Most dragons can be split up between Western and Eastern mentalities. There’s a great article on the difference between them, and how different cultures wrote and illustrated them.

Photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli

Haku is an Eastern dragon, and it’s fun to see his portrayal. I especially love his shape-shifting ability, which is not something we really see in Western dragons.

Photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

The Hungarian Horntail is awesome! I remember watching that dragon chase Harry around on his broom and feeling terrified!

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers, .gif courtesy of

Of course, we know our hero was going to survive to fight bigger battles, and even bigger dragons! The Harry Potter series was a great introduction to dragons for the millennial generation, and I believe it fed our need for more of them in popular media.

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers.

Also, quick shout out to the dragon in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. I didn’t know I could feel bad for a fictional mythical beast, and here we are! Poor thing, all chained up, guarding wizard money.

Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers.

A Very Potter Musical

Last but certainly, not least, the dragon from “A Very Potter Musical,” for no other dragon has the amazing vocal talent as this one. Check it out:

“I can’t defeat thee, so please don’t eat me.” Genius.

That’s my totally comprehensive list of the best dragons in modern media. Don’t hate me too much for the last one, guys.



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  1. V Donovan says:

    As a huge lover of dragons, I enjoyed this post!


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