Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 10 Review: To Right the Wrongs of Many

Last night’s series finale of Orphan Black was perfect. From start to finish I was holding back tears, and I have never been happier to be so wrong before.

I predicted that one or more of our beloved clones wouldn’t make it to the end, but they all lived! I am so happy that the writers gave us a happy ending. The writers even handled Sarah’s grief so well.

I loved everything about Helena’s delivery. From the flashback to S and Sarah discussing a possible abortion, to Sarah remembering giving birth to Kira, and channeling S for Helena. Even better, Helena got one last kill in before Orphan Black ended. I also loved the parallel of killing two horrible people and brining two innocent people to life.

It cuts to Cosima, Delphine, and Scott, who have finalized the cure and are working to cure as many Leidas as possible. Thanks to Rachel, with her list of 274 clones, they can. Tatiana Maslany even gets to show off some Spanish skills when they visit a clone in Columbia.

Of course, I looked at the clock and thought, “What else is going to go wrong? It’s only been a half hour.” I’m thrilled that the writers focused on Sarah’s lack of coping with S’s death. The scene where Alison pushes Sarah into talking about her problems was so raw. Sarah’s voice breaks, “In the house where her grandmum was shot to death.” Absolutely incredible.

I love that the Orphan Black team saved time for Sarah’s recovery. It felt real, and important. “There’s no one to fight anymore, and I’m still a sh*t mum,” she says, and her sisters chime in to relate. Sarah constantly feels like she needs to be alone, and they remind her that there’s no better place for her than home with them.

I’ll also add that Helena’s baby shower is almost the same as her dream shower in season three. Just without the talking scorpion. Helena is such a funny mother, too. I loved this whole sequence. I’m so happy that she named the boys Donnie and Art, too. Well deserved.

I loved that the entire show is just Helena’s memoir for her sons. I don’t completely understand why it’s called Orphan Black, but I liked that they tried to answer that question everyone’s had.

Thank you, Orphan Black, for being such a comprehensive show about sisterhood. Not just about clones, but about how you can choose your family, and still feel whole. Thank you, BBC America for giving Orphan Black life, and knowing how to end it smoothly.

Thank you, Tatiana Maslany for pushing the boundaries on what it means to act, and how we view characters altogether. This almost one-woman-show was nothing without her, and her partner, Kathryn Alexandre, who stood opposite of her for every scene with the clones.

I am going to miss the clone club and our sestras, but it’s nice to know that everything worked out for everyone. Thanks for everything, clone club.

[Photo credit: BBC America]

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