Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 9 Review: One Fettered Slave

Who else cried the entire episode? Just me? What’s wrong with you people?

S’s funeral was emotional and had me crying immediately. I’m disappointed it wasn’t a wake, though. I guess the nature of everything else in their lives doesn’t lend itself to celebration.

I was right, and they delved deep into saving Helena in “One Fettered Slave.” Remember when we first met her and she was trying to kill our clone club? Turns out her childhood was even worse than that. I mean, how crazy was that origin story? Poor thing. She’s been manipulated her whole life, so that she even believes Virginia when she says, “What kind of a mother would you be?”

P.T. is obsessed with Helena’s babies and I assume their stem cells. I’m not really clear on the science behind inducing her babies and how P.T. will benefit, but it was scary, nonetheless.

I also didn’t understand why P.T. wanted Mark dead. Virginia kills him humanely anyway. I feel like this scene was one of the only times we saw the human side of Virginia. It was really sad, and I think they did a great job with it.

I was also sad when Helena gave up, and tried to kill herself. I wasn’t happy that deus ex machina stepped in and Sarah was able to provide a blood transfusion for Helena. I am all for living Helena, and Sarah impersonating Rachel was not out of character, but it did all come together too perfectly for my liking.

I did love Helena smashing Virginia’s face in! I wonder if she’s dead. I was right about that, too! Helena has met her violence quota for the season, and sadly the series, too.

Scott’s role in “Fettered Slave” was great, too. The “live organ” trick was genius, and I liked that he really wanted an active role in the rescue.

Overall, another solid, crazy episode from Orphan Black. Really, what are we going to do without these clones?

Two of my favorite lines from this week:

“The future is female, haven’t you heard? – P. T. to Virginia, about killing the Castor clones.

“Suddenly I think I’m in the wrong board room.” – Felix providing as a fancy distraction for Art.

What do you think will happen on the season finale next week? The preview asked us, “Who will make it to the end?” If you had to pick three, which characters do you think will die next week?

[Photo credit: BBC America, edited by orphanblackzone.tumblr.com]

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