Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 8 Review: Guillotines Decide

What are we going to do without Orphan Black? What are we going to do without you know who? Don’t read on unless you’ve seen the newest episode of Orphan Black, “Guillotines Decide.”

This week’s episode was just as good as the last, and now we’ve only got two left. With the return of Ferdinand things were bound to get bloody, and I was not disappointed.

I loved the set-up for “Guillotines Decide.” Felix’s art show was a great way to recap what the show is about. Allison, Cosima, and Sarah are on display, while an evil organization carts Helena off somewhere.

I loved that the episode made it obvious that S was going to die. I loved it even more because she planned it so meticulously. She knew even better than Rachel that Ferdinand would survive the deadly board meeting. I haven’t seen a death scene that good in a long time! Spot on for the character as well.

I wonder if when Rachel said, “Goodbye S,” she meant because she was going to kill herself, or because she knew Ferdinand would kill S. I guess we will find out next week!

It’s nice that S and Delphine could prove everything about Dyad and Neolution, but it did feel too perfect. So, I can’t fault the writers for taking out three major people this week. S, Ferdinand, and yes, Gracie! That scene was tough to watch, but it was an amateur mistake, and she shouldn’t have lied to Mark.

With two more episodes, I know that something will go wrong in their plan to out Dyad to the public. Maybe society will be okay with neolution. Maybe it’s like Hydra in Marvel, where there are tons of agents already infiltrating the public.

Overall, I have really loved the last two episodes, and I think the final two episodes of Orphan Black will be incredible. Maybe people will flock to the show to binge watch it on Netflix. Anything is possible.

I’m excited for the last two episodes. Here are a few of my predictions for them:

  • The clone club will have S’s funeral, but they will have an Irish wake and it will be a big celebration
  • They will do a time jump, and Kira will be the one to alert the group that Helena is in danger
  • Sarah and co go to save Helena
  • Helena has her babies
  • Maybe a few annoying people die, like Victoria, and Art’s Neolution partner.

Things I’m nervous they will do:

  • Kill either Delphine/Cosima (keep queer women alive on TV!)
  • End with a cliffhanger
  • Kill Helena
  • Helena doesn’t get to kill anything (it’s like, a hobby of hers, right?)

So, I ask you again, what are we going to do without Orphan Black? What will be next for the extraordinarily talented Tatiana Maslany? I can’t imagine she will do another TV show for a long time, since Orphan Black really allowed her to stretch her legs like no other show ever will.

Would you watch another TV show starring Tatiana Maslany? Would you want an Orphan Black movie? Let me know in the comments down below!

[Photo credit: Geek Girl Authority]

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