Voltron: Review, Season 3 Theories, and #SaveShiro2k17

What do kids like more than giant robots punching other giant robots? Well, what about giant cat robots forming together to create a giant robot with kitty hands to punch other robots in the face?

Voltron Legendary Defender has all that and more to appeal to children and adults, new and old fans alike.

As stated in an interview with Lance’s voice actor, Jeremy Shada, the writers of Voltron Legendary Defender wanted to create a series that was both faithful to the original but at the same time have a modern take to entice new viewers. And boy, did they succeed.

It’s clear from the get-go that the creators love this show. Everything from the cinematography, to the revamped soundtrack, to the characters themselves bring life and a dimension to the Voltron universe.

This show is a near perfect balance of kid-friendly content, witty and well-written dialogue, and it’s respectful to sensitive issues like PTSD, genocide, racism, grief, and sacrifice.

Normally, a kids show would not references heavy topics like racism and genocide, the writers address these issues in order to help younger audiences learn and gain exposure to difficult subject matter.

Each of the personalities of the paladins of Team Voltron complement one another, and unlike in many other sentai series, one paladin does not overshadow another. A true ensemble series.

While it would be nice to see more episodes entirely devoted to characters like Pidge and Lance, the deeper Team Voltron plunges into the war against the Galra Empire, the more likely it is that each of the cast will face obstacles that will allow their characters to be fleshed out in more detail. 

For example, Keith and Shiro have the most time dedicated to their character arcs. Fans speculated from season 1 regarding Keith’s Galra heritage and Shiro’s possible death later in the series.

Other theories fans have been throwing around are about Prince Lotor, who the previous Paladins (with the exception of Zarkon and King Alfor) were, the mystery Galra in the Weblum’s belly, and more.

A couple of questions I would like to have answered are regarding Matt Holt and Galaxy Garrison.

matt holt alive
Photo credit to Hypable

Matt Holt: Dead or Alive?

The fate of Pidge’s brother, Matt Holt, is still unconfirmed as it was revealed in season 2 that, “he was taken by a group of rebels” (Pidge, season 2 episode 10). At this point, it’s not likely the aforementioned resistance group is the Blade of Marmora since subterfuge and guerrilla attacks seem to be more their style. Plus, a detail like saving the family member of one of the Voltron Paladins kind of seems like a minor detail that should have come up in conversation.

So, the question is: where is Matt Holt? (and Papa Holt?)

Galaxy Garrison: Friend or Foe?

One question that has not received much attention is from the very first episode of season 1. The characters themselves even comment on how, when Shiro crash lands on Earth, the Garrison officers who intercept him treat him as a threat despite knowing who he is as evidenced by when one of the officers refers to Shiro by name.

The answer that remains to be seen is if Galaxy Garrison is already aware of the Galra threat, as judging by Lance, Hunk, and Pidge’s reactions to when Shiro was captured, this is not normal protocol.

Regardless of whether the viewers receive answers to these questions or not remains to be seen. Despite that, considering the speculation surrounding the events of the end of season 2, season 3 is shaping up to be possibly even more exciting than anticipated.


[Featured image photo credit to Den of Geek]

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