Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 6 Review: “Manacled Slim Wrists”

It wouldn’t be the final season of Orphan Black if Crystal never made an appearance, right? “Manacled Slim Wrists” was a fun episode to start, featuring everyone’s favorite blonde clone. As the episode went on, however, it got darker and darker.

I loved everything about Crystal’s role this week. I especially loved when Sarah impersonated her, so meta! This section of the episode wasn’t very relevant, because the information Sarah and co figured out was something the audience already knew. Dyad wants to develop new delivery for “medicine.” To do that, they purchased a large cosmetic company.

Now for the darker stuff. You might remember that PT Westmoreland left Cosima locked up in his basement. Mud stops by a few times, and Cosima tries to talk her into letting her out. We learn, through Mud, that Aisha has died, and I am so angry! Ugh, what a cute little girl. But this is exactly what will drive the plot for the rest of the episode.

Turns out that Westmoreland is doing something really gross called parabiosis, changing out his old blood for the blood of healthy children. NOPE. After learning all of this, Susan tries to get Mud on their side so they can finally kill Westmoreland and be done with this whole mess.

Unfortunately, none of that works out because he’s brought Virginia, the creator of the Castor clones, back and she steps in just in time to save him.

In perhaps the most heartbreaking scene of the season, we see Susan dead in her wheelchair, and Ira discovers her, on the brink of his own death. I’m sad to see these two go, but I had no feeling that they would make it out alive. At least they both went down trying to fix what they had broken.

In the end, Cosima and Charlotte escape the island as its residents riot and plan to tear Westmoreland down. I’m excited for next week’s episode where we should see Kira speaking to Sarah in code. I can’t wait for our new hustler to get her chance at the big stuff!

Also, am surprised but very glad that the island is done. I thought for sure it would be a mainstay of the entire season. It seems like the writers are going for an extremely dynamic season, both in plot and in setting. I can’t wait to see where Cosima and Charlotte end up.

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