Baby Driver: Your New Favorite Action Movie

I had the great opportunity to see Baby Driver six days before its official release, and I have never felt so lucky to see a movie early.

If you’ve enjoyed any of Edgar Wright’s movies then you will certainly love Baby Driver, but this post is not for the Wright aficionados. This is for the rest of you, who are thinking, “What the hell is this movie about?”

 [Photo Credit: Wilson Webb]

I encourage you to go into Baby Driver blind, but here’s a teaser of what to expect from your new favorite movie:

  1. Lots of music: if you enjoy clever sound design, you’re gonna love it. The team clearly worked hard to make the audio and visual components mesh flawlessly.
  2. Familiar faces: Baby Driver features your favorites, Kevin Spacey (House of Cards), Lily James (Cinderella), Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and Jon Bernthal (Daredevil).
  3. A stellar performance from Elgort: Maybe you didn’t see The Fault in Our Stars, and that’s okay, because Baby Driver will be Ansel Elgort’s big time break. This movie has a little bit of everything to attract all sorts of people to his upcoming career. And he deserves the attention.
  4. Just enough romance: What’s an action movie without a little love? Baby Driver is well balanced and Lily James is charming, and relatable. Her performance will have you cheering to the big screen.
  5. Salty and sweet, the best combination: The cast of characters is unlike any before. Foxx’s performance creates conflict, Hamm is an unexpected key player, and Elgort as Baby is unmistakably sincere. I got a similar feeling from Baby that I got from Scott Pilgrim, but without the awkwardness.
  6. A thoughtful action movie: Many action movies have been pressed to provide a solid story, and movies like Kingsman: Secret Service, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Wonder Woman have delivered. Baby Driver is thoughtful and action packed! I can’t recall a moment where I was bored, or thinking about what I’d do after the movie was over. Every piece of this movie was placed carefully.

I will definitely see Baby Driver again, because it’s a movie where you will notice smaller details on the second watch.

Let me know if you plan to see it, and when you do, come back and share your thoughts!

[Photo Credit: Wilson Webb]

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  1. Agree with you that this will be Ansel Elgort’s big time break, he is so good in this movie. Great review too!


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