Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Frickin Awesome

Only I didn’t say fricken.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and I laughed the entire time. I cried some, too, but we don’t have to talk about that. It’s no big deal, really. (It was so emotional!?! Oh my god!)

After the credits, I tried to come up with a list of things I disliked about the movie, but I’ve got nothing. Rather, I have a handy list of five ways I thought GOTG2 would mess up, but didn’t. Let me know if you had these same expectations.

  1. Playboy Peter:

    I thought the writers would make Peter into a playboy again. It was brief in the first movie, that initial scene with the pink alien whose name he forgot – but I hated it. Quill is a special sort of male lead. Pratt brings a sensitivity to him that I think we all loved in his portrayal of Andy in Parks and Recreation. I never liked that anyone granted a nod to this playboy-ish attitude. He is not James T. Kirk, let me have a righteous, thieving space man! So I was thrilled when Quill initially flirted with the gold woman and immediately apologized to Gamora. Checks and balances are excellent in action comedies like this one.
  2. Rushing the Romance:

    I also thought the producers might pair Gamora and Peter up for good. So many times in franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy writers and producers can rush romantic relationships. Maybe they believe that’s what the audience wants, but those romances usually burn out quickly and don’t feel natural in sequels. We know we’re going to see the Guardians again, so why rush things? The pacing for Gamora and Peter’s dynamic was amazing. It felt natural, and what any space romance should be: fiery with a hint of danger. Team slow-burn all the way!
  3. Alien Women “Must be Sexy”:

    Any time there’s a new female character in a franchise I worry they will sexualize her. The second installment of Star Trek threw me into this space after they used Alice Eve for fan service. This sort of sexualization of female characters takes away from their development, and really doesn’t serve much purpose, at least in action adventure movies. I just have trust issues with the treatment of women in scifi after years of mistreatment! Anyway, the writers didn’t mistreat her at all, and frankly I loved her character. I can’t wait to see more of her child-like wonder. That’s what she was, an innocent character who did not need any sort of sexual plotline, and they treated her story well.
  4. Another Age of Ultron:

    After Ultron I have to brace myself for Marvel villains. Marvel operates in a universe that requires grounding for the fantastical stuff to work, and they completely missed the mark with Age of Ultron. However, I thought Ego was a little on the nose, but an excellent second villain for the Guardians. Who better to face than Quill’s biggest insecurity? Whenever I see a movie, I try to think like the writers, and I could see how everything clicked into place with Ego as the Big Bad. We see Quill ready to accept his god-like destiny, even throw away his friends until he learns the truth. Was Peter’s greatest weakness his absent father? Nope, it’s how much he loves his mother. It doesn’t get more relatable than that. You feel the same rage as Peter does when he finds out how his mother died. That is all you can hope for as a writer.
  5. Action Sequence Motion Sickness:

    I don’t know about you, but lately action movies have sent me into a tizzy with their action sequences. I can’t focus on anything, and my eyes must zip around as if I was really there. Talk about overwhelming. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opened with an excellent action sequence that didn’t make me dizzy. Why was this the case? I am Groot! Yes, using a singular character to focus our attention played up the comedy and helped me follow the scene. The other action scenes were equally well done, and I did not leave the theater wanting to vomit.

I will definitely see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 again, and not just for these five reasons, but because of how many excellent jokes I probably missed.

Thanks for reading, please let me know your opinions in the comments below.

[Photo credit: Disney/Marvel via IMDB]

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